We Are Not Your Soldiers

We Are Not Your Soldiers

Activists and veterans bringing the truth about US wars to youth and students

The We Are Not Your Soldiers tour is not your typical classroom counter-recruiting presentation. The World Can’t Wait movement has teamed up with military veterans and military family members to bring the truth to high school & college students about military recruiters and what they are really recruiting for. This tour exposes the realities of the war, including vets talking about their own on-the-ground experience in rounding up people, rape and the consistent use of torture on innocent people. This tour exposes the lies of recruiters and stirs up debate & critical thinking amongst a whole new generation of young people. World Can’t Wait organizers open up discussion on why the War on Terror is really a brutal war for empire. Although this tour has the potential to convince a lot of young people to not join up, it is attempting to go further than that. It is setting out to unleash a whole culture of resistance to military recruiting as a key part of stopping these wars.

Find out more: wearenotyoursoldiers.org

Contact the Chicago chapter of World Can’t Wait to bring an event like this to your school!

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